Want to earn money but have small initial capital? 

  •  Don't worry as currency trading is your answer  .

  •  Buy the world currencies like US Dollars, Euros and earn money daily. 


What is currency trading?

  • In currency trading we buy foreign currencies with Indian rupees, it's a trade between currencies.

  • The currencies traded are US Dollars , Euro , Japanese Yen and British Pounds .

  • Currency futures allow investors to buy or sell a currency at a future date, at a previously fixed price.


What are requirements to start currency trading?

  • For currency trading you can start with as low as 5000 Rs . The more you invest more the chances of getting higher returns.

  • No need of a DEMAT account . You just have to open a FOREX account and you can start trading .


Currency trading in India is carried out through Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX-SX) and BSE and NSE . Currency trading is done 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.