• Equity trading is basically buying and selling shares of companies listed on the stock exchanges.

  • Equity trading is like a double edged sword ,if invested in right companies at right time your investment can potentially be doubled but if invested in under-performing stocks there is possibility of depreciating the value of your investment. 

       Hence with our proper market research and guidance we hope to achieve maximum profit for your investments.

 Generally there are two ways investors approach the stock market 

  1. Intraday Trading 

  Intraday trading means buying and selling the stocks in the same day and squaring all the positions before the day ends .

Usually the strategy used here is generating small profits over the day with multiple trades trying to minimize the loss.

     2. Delivery Trading 

 In this method usually investor buys some shares and sells them after some days or even months.

The strategy here is to hold on to the stocks for a long run and even if the stock doesn't perform in short run you don't have to book a loss if you are hopeful that the stock will perform in long run.

How to start Equity trading?

  • You just need to open a DEMAT account and complete your KYC and you are good to go