Commodity Trading

The commonly traded commodities are :-

Commodities are classified into four types:

  1. Metals – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Copper

  2. Energy – Crude oil, Natural gas, Gasoline, and Heating oil

  3. Agriculture – Corn, Beans, Rice, Wheat, etc.,

  4. Livestock and Meat – Eggs, Pork, Cattle, etc.,  


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Gold Bonds

What are Gold Bonds ?

A sovereign Gold bond is a denomination of 1 gm of gold in form of bonds. We can get multiples of 1 gm. Buying gold bonds is basically buying gold in form of bonds holding the value of actual gold without buying actual physical gold . They are substitutes for holding physical gold. The bonds are issued by RBI on behalf of Government .

Private Corporate Bonds

What are Private Corporate Bonds?

Private corporate bonds are debt securities private and public corporations . Companies issue bonds to raise money for building a new plant or growing the business. The company pays the buyer interest (generally twice a year) and repays the principal amount after the maturity .Corporate Bonds tend to rise when interest rates fall and fall in value when interest rates rise. 

RBI Bonds

What are RBI Bonds?

Government of India Savings (Taxable) Bonds also called RBI bonds which come with sovereign guarantee with no risk to your principal amount. The rate of interest on  Bonds is 7.75 per cent with two payout options -- non-cumulative option offers interest on half yearly basis, while cumulative option pays interest on maturity.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds help investors build diverse portfolio

        A mutual fund comes in many types and styles. There are Equity funds, bond funds, sector funds, money market  mutual funds and balanced funds. The availability of different types of mutual funds allows investors to build a   diversified portfolio even with small investments at low cost and without much difficulty

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